iDiz Incorporated File Upload

This is a good alternative to attaching files to an email, especially for large files. It's faster and more reliable, and it doesn't clog up email servers.

First, choose the person who needs to be notified that you've uploaded a file. Then enter your name, your email address, and a note if you wish (if you're in a hurry, none of these fields are required).

Then click the "Browse..." or "Choose File..." button and you'll get a standard file browser window (the same window you normally use to locate and open a file on your computer).

Find the file you wish to upload, select it (click on it once to highlight the file), then click "Open" or "Choose".

The name of the file will then appear in the box next to the "Browse..." button below. If everything looks OK, click the "Upload File" button.

Who should be notified that this file has been uploaded?

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Notes Regarding This File:

Don't worry if it seems like nothing is happening for a few minutes. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it could take a little while to upload a large file.

If everything goes OK, you'll see a message that the upload was successful. The name of your file may change slightly. The upload script removes spaces, punctuation, and special characters from file names in order to avoid conflicts. It will also add a number to the file name if another file by the same name is already on our server.

That's all you need to do! The server will notify us that your file has been uploaded, and we'll retrieve it when we need it.

Security Note:

Files uploaded using this utility are not accessible via the internet without a password. However, the files are not encrypted during transmission or retrieval, and may be observable by a sufficiently determined and nefarious third party. This is a perfectly adequate level of security for the files we might exchange with this system, such as images, text, PDFs, and mailing lists containing names and addresses. You can consider files you send us using this form private, but if the NSA is after your stuff, we can't guarantee anything.

Please use common sense, and check the contents of data files before uploading. There's little or no reason anyone would ever need to send us files containing sensitive or private information such as account and credit card numbers.

If you have concerns or questions, please give us a call!

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